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The Booth

A cosy and atmospherical photo booth to explore. Thanks to the lighting it gives one a warm and sheltered feeling.ImageImageImageImage

The Picture

In order to recall your memory you need to give the picture some affection by rubbing it and it will show you your precious memory. Soon it will disappear again until you give it again some warmthImage


the interaction…

the interaction is easy:



* you step into the comfortable, atmospherical egg-shaped booth
* in there you find to things
* 1. a camera on the wall
* 2. one single interface: a pole
on top of it you find a buzzer, also a coin-slot and a another slot aside
* you put money in the slot through what you acitvate the booth:
the milchy wall gets light up, also the buzzer
* so you understand: you can push it

* as soon as you did it, the camera blinks and gives you a accustic signal
* you a familiar with that because of the delayed action release from a digital camera

* you look to the camera and after short time the pictures is taken

* you wait a little and your photo comes out of the other slot

That is the interaction of how you get your picture of the “mi”- booth



Stepping Back/ Thinking Further

After a week of further brainstorming and looking for ice cream flavours, we all had the feeling that our concept is too complicated. Telling the concept to our friends and teacher we realized that it afforded too much explaination and that our booth has become more of a psychiatrist than a photo booth. Further we thought, the inital idea of edible paper is much more simple and explains our thoughts in a clear and understandable way. So “less is more”. Also we rethought our idea of edible memory. We still liked the idea, that something will happen with your picture. After some research we stumbled upon heat sensible color. So our new idea is a real photo, which you have to rub to see the picture. Otherwise it´ll be just a blanc paper. So everyime you want to relive your memory and see the photo, you need to rub or hug it -> the picture needs to become alive again like the memory in your head needs to be relived again after a certain time. After some time your memory naturally becomes blurry  and dissapears again, like the picture. But again, if you want to relive and remember the moment, give the picture some affection and it will show you your memory.


why can we remember moments so well, which were emotional

why can we remember moments so well, which were emotional

this talk is in german so i will just summarize it briefly in the following:

-> situations, which were quite emotional, get stored in the “amygdaloid nucleus ” part of our brain.
A “special” part of it.

-> this happens for the reason, that we can remember really fast, when we are in a similar situation.
in earlier times, this was live-safing for us. (Before your start thinking, run, when a lion is coming.) 

That is the reason, why you can remember things and situations better, when they are connected to a emotional moment.



The Food Booth ( we will think of a better name ^^)

The Food Booth ( we will think of a better name ^^)

Playing with the idea, that we have two memory storages in our body (scientifically proven), that we don´t need objects to remember and that memory is yourself, we developed a concept of a new kind of booth.

If we remember situations, we actualy remember our status. Who we were at that moment. Were we said, happy, content, etc…? We remember the emotions more than we can remember smell( which is more of trigger than a memory)

All the emotions in our guts are true and honest. Our face translates those emotions. But often we try to fake people and ourselfs about our true emotions. So if we are sad we sometime try to hide it by smiling. The muscles in our face create the visual picture of our emotions. It is proven though, that we don´t have the full control of our facial muscles. If the gut says ” I am depressed” our face can show the real emotion. But in daily life we and people around us are not able to read the real messages in our face or our emotional status. Special developed face scans can though. (and Paul Ekmann, the father of face reading ^^)

So, we have the idea of a booth, which can scan your face and read, how your true emotional status is. It gives you honest and real feedback. The product, that the booth will give you is something to eat. A message will be printed on it, to tell you what your really are at that moment. So the food will give information for your brain and energy input for your gut. You eat your real emotions, which become your own blood and flesh. A cycle of emotion is developed. The brain tells the head/face the emotions. The booth reads the face, gives the person the written translation, the person can consciously take that information, think and eat again. That way the person can consciously engange with himself. Will remember the moment(and facts) in the future and knows who he was at that time.

Our next steps are to think about how the booth can look like (for example a mirror) and what kind of emotional food he will get.
We had first ideas and were thinking of ice cream. Everyone has good connections to ice cream. Its also like a treat after a doctors visit. To engange with yourself can be scary and hard. So showing the booth your real face gets rewarded with ice cream. Depending on your emotional status each person gets another kind of ice cream flavour( for example if you feel low, carrot is said to be good for energy). Also the written statement about yourself can be printed on the waffle.
Another good thing about ice cream is, that it melts. So you have no chance of keeping it and storage it somewhere. You are forced to eat it and at the end you will have your memory without an unnecessary object, that you acutaly don´t need!