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Amandine’s Photobooth

April 27, 2012

Amandine's Photobooth

Amandine’s photobooth was entirely different, actually it wasn’t technically a ‘photobooth’ at all any more. She explains:
“I made it actual size, I want it to be really small because it can fly. I think it’s nice to have this flying next to you because then it can take photos of you, when you forget to do it. It can also take 360 degrees photos of everything because it can fly around and take pictures from nice angles that you can’t reach.”

When we asked Amandine how you could tell the camera when to take a photo she answered:
“Oh you don’t need to, it knows you, so it knows when to take a photo. That’s why I made it look cute and pretty because it’s like a pet that you can take anywhere!”

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