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Scenario Stories: Amandine (WS 1)

April 27, 2012

We also asked Amandine to let us know, when in her scenario she would take a photo:

On Sunday you get up late because you were out with your friends last night. You have nothing planned for the day so you decide you better go visit your grandmother since you haven’t seen her in a while. You also realise you have no food at home and since the shops are shut it would be extremely convenient to have dinner at grandma’s tonight. So you call her up and let her know you’re coming over. Once you are outside you realise their is a neighbourhood party on today. There are musicians and food and games for everyone! (Here Amandine would take a photo of the musicians in the street and of the atmosphere of the street party) You see your neighbours kid, who you sometimes babysit taking part in a sack-jumping race, you stay to cheer him on and join him in the next race. (Amandine would also take a photo of her and her neighbours kid) Suddenly you realise it is already quite late so you quickly get on your bike and go to your grandmas place, luckily it’s nearby. When you arrive you see she made you your favourite food; lasagne!! Yum, that was totally worth it.

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