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Scenario Stories: Maria (WS1)

April 27, 2012

We wrote this scenario for Maria and asked her to tell us when she would take a photo:

You wake up in the morning totally hung over from last night. (Here Maria would take a photo to show how crazy the previous night must have been and to laugh at in the future.) But the weather is beautiful outside so you get ready to head to town. In town, you see there is a big promotion party for Coca Cola so you buy yourself a Coke and go inside. You join in on the lottery for free tickets for a concert tonight of your favourite band and unbelievably enough, you win! (Maria would take a photo of this because she want to remember how unbelievable it was and how happy) So that evening you are on your way to the concert and you meet some really cool foreign people, who are on their way to the concert as well. (Maria would take another photo of herself with her new foreign friends so that she could remember them) The concert is amazing, you go nuts! The band is insane! Afterwards you head to the hotel which you also got with the free tickets and head to the elevator. You get inside and then you realise you are standing next to the lead singer of the concert! You start talking to him and he is really nice, he asks if you’re keen to come have a drink with the band in their room and without hesitation you agree.(Maria would quickly as they are walking off take a picture of the lead singer without him noticing) The rest of the band members are super cool as well, you have an amazing night and when you finally go home, long after sunrise you can’t believe your luck…

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