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(WS 1) Finally: The Questionaire

May 7, 2012

Who is important for you to capture in a photo?

Instantly everyone answered Friends, after thinking for a bit they also said Family, maybe their animals, a funny object or a landscape, but then it’s more about showing a funny situation.

Is the quality of the photo important for you?

Everyone answered Yes, also they said the tunnel-vision of cameras is annoying, it’s difficult to capture everything in a photo.

How often do you take photos?

The girls said all the time, while Daniel said not so often. When asked why he explained that he did not want to take photos all the time because he would rather focus on experiencing the real situation, rather then only taking photos of it and living it through the lens of a camera.

What kind of photos are your favourite?

Everyone had a different respond to this question. Maria likes fish-eye lenses or other interesting lenses. Amandine really liked photos with the colours altered. Everyone liked the old-school black and white photos and agreed that it’s nice to have variety within photo types.

Do you like decorated photos?

No one was really into decorated photos, they preferred plain.

Would you like to place the photos taken within the photobooth straight on facebook?

Maybe, it’s quite a nice idea if you take funny photos with friends.

Do you like the fact that the photobooth prints the pictures straight away?

The girls said Yes straight away they said it’s nice to have something physical afterwards, especially because you pay for it, and it’s handy if you ever need the photo because you can carry it in your wallet. Daniel said it can also be quite unhandy sometimes because you might need a digital copy of the photo and not everyone has access to a scanner at all times.he said it would be nice to have a separate option to get the digital copy.

 Do you feel the photos are more special once they’re printed?

Yes it makes more valuable, especially if you carry them with you.

How often do you print photos?

Maria said she prints photos quite often but the rest of the group said this was a rare occurance and said it’s a bit sad that most pictures just stay on their computer until they are moved or lost.

What do you usually use to take photos with?

Half the group said their camera and half said their phone.

Why do you usually take photos?

To keep them as memories, to show other people what happened and all the fun times.

Do you like drunken photos?

Daniel said no but the girls thought they’re pretty funny, especially the next morning.

Do you like attraction park photos?

Yes, like white water rafting etc. it’s really cool because it’s so nice to remember and you can’t take your own camera with you.

Do you like surprise photos?

Yes, more than normal ones because people are not fake posing. They tell more of a real story and can often be really funny. Also it’s nice to see them later and remember the time without only remembering what you took a photo of.

Do you like group photos?

Yes, they’re always fun and someone always looks silly.

Is the background of the photo important for you?

Yes, but it does depend on the situation. If the people in the photo are super crazy and funny it doesn’t really matter but if they are kind of boring it’s nice to have a cool background.

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