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(WS 1) Scenario Stories: Daniel

May 7, 2012

We wrote this scenario for Daniel to read and tell us when in this situation, he would take a photo:

You wake up, 8am in the morning, excited because today is your birthday and you have a big day ahead with all your friends. You get up to have a shower and once you’re out of the shower you see that your room mate has prepared you a nice big birthday breakfast with fruit, vanilla ice cream and pancakes. (Here Daniel would take a photo of him eating the big birthday breakfast with his room mate)

At 9.30am you, your room mate and the rest of your friends all meet up at the mail train station. Before the train leaves you guys all take a few moments to have a smoke outside. Once you get in the train starts to move. You’re all excited about the day, especially because the weather is just perfect. The train ride is nice too, you meet some really cool backpackers from France and share lunch with everyone. (Daniel would take another photo of him and the backpackers and his friends all together having lunch) After an hour you arrive at the mountains. A limousine is waiting for you guys, to bring you to a nice cottage in the middle of nowhere. (Daniel would also take a photo of him posing in front of the limousine) One of your friends organised a music mixed tape for during your limousine ride and while everyone is having drinks you all sing along to your favourite songs. After some drinks you all arrive at you destination, a perfect view is waiting for you. (Daniel would take a photo of the view of the mountains) Everyone is impressed by the beauty of the mountains and you spend the afternoon lazing in the sun, drinking, eating, laughing, relaxing and chatting together. (He would take a photo of all his mates and him chilling out together) 

At 3pm everyone decides it’s time to light up the barbecue. But what happened…. No matches! You guys must have lost them while you where having a smoke, back at the station. Everyone is dissapointed when out of nowhere you guys see some hikers pasing by! Of course the hikers are happy to give you some matches and you guys decide these guys are the hero’s of the day. (Daniel would take a photo with the hikers and their matches) Everyone, including the hikers, join in with the amazing delicious barbecue. (Daniel would take a photo of everyone enjoying the barbecue together.) The party goes on into the night, together you guys make cocktails and play music, share storeis and laugh together until 6am in the morning. Perfect timing to see the sun rise over the mountains.

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