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Scenario Stories: Merve

May 7, 2012

This was the story we gave Merve to read, and this is when she would take a photo:

Today it is your birthday. You get woken up by your room mates storming into your room singing Happy Birthday and dancing on your bed. (Merve would take a photo of her room mates and her on her birthday in pyjamas) You have breakfast with them and it’s really nice, they made you a funny birthday cake in the shape of a pig! After breakfast they give you a birthday present and you’re really excited to open it, but it’s a bathing suit… A brown and orange bathing suit, Gutted…

At lunch time your parents come over. All together you go to your favourite Chinese restaurant and you have your favourite dish. Afterwards you get a dessert with a sparkler on it, it’s super cute. Once you’re done you all head over to the lake and rent a boat to paddle across it. (Merve would photograph the whole family in the rowing boat) It’s super sunny and the view of the mountains around you is amazing, especially when you pass a little castle.

That’s enough for the family time. You thank everyone for the nice day and your presents and head home. Once there you and your room mate get dressed up nicely and head to the bar to catch up with everyone from uni. (Merve would take a photo of everyone having drinks in the bar) Then you all start dancing. (Merve would also take a photo of everyone dancing and having fun) Early in the morning you and your room mate walk home from the clubs drunk and giggling. You meet more nice, funny people on the way and get distracted for quite a while. When you finally get home it’s 6am in the morning, you fall asleep immediately. (Merve would take a photo of herself fallen asleep after this long night of partying)

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