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Vending Machine

May 7, 2012

Looking trough all the sketches and ideas we did, we came up with the questions whether it is possible to choose image sections by the user himself or whether the photo booth should decide. Because 90 percent of our ideas gave the user the opportunity to also chose time, location and image sections. But as we were discussing it, we got back to our keywords and decided, that the user has no control over the photos. Our goal is to make users not to live through the camera but to get unique and spontaneous pics. The photo booth should be a quiet photographer who will take a certain amount of pictures (e.g 10), like a photo booth, which are passionate, memorable and atmospheric. If one has the opportunity to define the pictures, he will keep living and thinking for the pictures and won´t get spontaneous and natural results.

To further keep the idea of an photo booth, we had the idea of a vending machine, where one can purchase a camera really cheap (e.g 2 Euros). He can be more free, won´t worry about an expensive gadget and the camera will take a certain amount of pictures. After all the pictures are shot, the camera will fly back to a nearby  vending machine and sends the pics to the user( where he has 24 hours to decide which pics to be printed before they get deleted). For each event the user can rent a camera. Through the reuse of the cameras, they become sustainable.

Further steps are to think of more ideas or broaden the idea of the vending machine. We should think about the look of the camera(and maybe vending machine) and the interface design of the service. Moreover rip the ideas apart, thinking about positive and negative points, to define it more precisely. After the first models and ideas we will have the next workshop and listen to what our participants think about it.


– cheap pics

– extended version of a photo booth/ not own camera

– personal design

– precious

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