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Stepping Back/ Thinking Further

June 10, 2012

After a week of further brainstorming and looking for ice cream flavours, we all had the feeling that our concept is too complicated. Telling the concept to our friends and teacher we realized that it afforded too much explaination and that our booth has become more of a psychiatrist than a photo booth. Further we thought, the inital idea of edible paper is much more simple and explains our thoughts in a clear and understandable way. So “less is more”. Also we rethought our idea of edible memory. We still liked the idea, that something will happen with your picture. After some research we stumbled upon heat sensible color. So our new idea is a real photo, which you have to rub to see the picture. Otherwise it´ll be just a blanc paper. So everyime you want to relive your memory and see the photo, you need to rub or hug it -> the picture needs to become alive again like the memory in your head needs to be relived again after a certain time. After some time your memory naturally becomes blurry  and dissapears again, like the picture. But again, if you want to relive and remember the moment, give the picture some affection and it will show you your memory.

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