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New Brainstorming for another direction

New Brainstorming for another direction

Though we startet with the braclettecamera idea we rethought our ideas. We had such a good start and were going towards the direction of memory. With the bracelett idea we had the feeling that our keywords, we did at the beginning, were lost. After some new brainstorming we came to the idea of playing with the metaphor brain+ stomach. Both are our memory storages in the body. The stomach is responsible for emotions and the brain for information that get linked together and make a story. So our formular is Brain (information)+ Stomach (Emotions) = Memory (You)

Every person has different memories of often the same situation. The memories we keep in our head is our point of view, our look at the world. Which leads us to the conclusion that the memory at the end is only the person itself.

And do we need an object to remember things? No, it is all in your head and gut! We don´t need proof. We keep so many things, objects, data, photos, etc… on the computer, in the closet and so on, because we can´t free ourselfs from the objects. They have so much history and memories. But do we actually use those things? Do we ever take a moment and look at all these things for more then 10 min each day just to remember? We don´t think so. So all this stuff is lying around in our room/ apartements and we actually don´t need them to remember. Its all in our head and gut!

With these ideas we developed a new concept for a photo booth.



Kool and the Gang-Celebration


We defined our goals and decided to focus on CELEBRATION

We defined our goals and decided to focus on CELEBRATION


Workshop # 2

Workshop # 2

In our second Workshop we showed our participants several camera concepts ( flying, crawling, buddy, …) After listening to their great feedback and opinions we came to the conclusion that we were slowly drifting away from our inital ideas and keywords. We were going away from the subject photobooth and our goal to make a trip with a camera more conscious without constantly looking through the camera and searching for great shots. Instead we were looking for new camera designs and concepts, which wasn´t clear to us before the second workshop.

So we decided to go back to the beginning and find new concepts including our keywords.


Oh no! Look, similar idea

Oh no! Look, similar idea


instagram: analog picture, instant print concept

instagram: analog picture, instant print concept